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  • VBS at Rocky Valley Baptist Church

RVBC Van Ministry

RVBC Van Ministry

Welcome to the Rocky Valley Van Ministry, a compassionate outreach service dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join us in worship and community events. At our core, we believe that no one should be hindered from experiencing the uplifting atmosphere of fellowship and the transformative power of faith due to transportation challenges.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing a reliable and welcoming means of transportation, picking up individuals who may otherwise be unable to attend church or participate in events. Whether you’re a neighbor without a ride or facing mobility limitations, our Van Ministry is here to extend a helping hand, fostering inclusivity and making sure that everyone has access to the warmth of our community. Join us on the journey of faith, and let our Van Ministry bring you to the heart of our vibrant fellowship.

If you would like to join the Rocky Valley van route, please fill out the form below.

Please allow our route coordinator a week to contact you and get you added to the route. We look forward to speaking with and meeting you soon!

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